Tarot cards are a unique tool for connecting the higher flow of information and your subconscious. My tarot divination is intuitive and meditative. When, in the process of tarot reading , you yourself will be able to see and feel the answers to your questions, because they will come to you from your subconscious and HEAL your reality.


With an individual Tarot reading I can clearly see your inner blocks, what stands in your way to a clear understanding of your life. With these necessary features of your personality I can develop a meditation that will work for you, I will guide you along the path of your self-knowledge and together we will discover a new reality in which quality communication with yourself – is a daily routine as brushing your teeth or walking your pet. You will get into the habit of hearing yourself and your true desires, thinking clearly and evaluating what is going on. Stop living under illusions and walking through life blindfolded. Let me untie your eyes…

What to expect 

You can expect a full video healing reading with your meditation (optional) guidance sent through a private youtube link in 72 hours afrer your booking.  You and I will be the only ones who can view your healing reading and meditation. You’ll be able to view your healing reading and meditation as many times as you like. Tarot is completely energy based, you do not to be in person to receive your message trough the tarot. You simply choose your reading. Include names, zodiac sign of those involved, and a little background information with a few questions. The option to book and pay added for your convenience. 


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