Questions and Answers

  • How can I acquire tarot reading or personal meditation?

    New customers can purchase tarot reading or meditation through our website if you are at least 18 years old and have a valid debit or credit card.

    We accept most credit cards including Visa, MasterCard. For your convenience, we also accept payment via PayPal.

  • Is your service suitable for international clients?

    Yes! Used by customers from all over the world.

    I speak 4 languages ​​and understand 8 languages.

    I also provide video tarot reading with subtitles for clients whose language I do not speak.

  • Do you adhere to a code of ethics?

    Yes! I strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in my sessions with you.

    I value the personal and deeply caring relationship that has developed between my clients and me.

    This is, above all, professional services.

    I do not establish personal relationships with clients outside of the service.

    Please note that I am not qualified to advise on medical or legal matters.

  • Can I order a tarot reading and meditation for my friend as a gift?

    Of course !

    If you know your friend’s zodiac sign and his name, I can do a tarot reading for him and taking into account your wishes or the need seen in the diagnosis of the tarot to create a personalized meditation for your friend.

    You will be sent a link that you can share with your friend where he will find the tarot reading for himself personally and meditation, which he will be able to watch an unlimited number of times.

  • What questions to ask during tarot reading?

    A Tarot reading session is your connection with the universal flow of information.

    Remember that what we send into space is what we get in return. So instead of asking when will I die? Will my boyfriend leave me? Better to send the right message and get the right answer for your spiritual growth.

    For example, you can find out the direction of your relationship with your boyfriend by asking:

    • What do I need to do to make my relationship with … move to a new level.
    • What does my boyfriend expect from me in a relationship?
    • How to become the only one for him?

    And the question about your longevity can be posed in this way:

    • how to live my life in the most favorable way for me in order to achieve longevity and good health?
    • What can I fix in my health to improve my health? etc .

    A competent and experienced tarot reader will always rephrase your question in the best possible way to get a detailed answer.

  • What questions to ask on the tarot reading about love?
    • What should I do to find my soul mate?
    • How do I know that I have found my soul mate?
    • Do I have a character trait that will attract love?
    • What can I do to strengthen my relationship with my loved one and take it to the next level?
    • What do I need to overcome to find true love?
    • Is my heart closed? If so, what can I do to open my heart?
    • Am I negatively influencing my relationship?
    • What positive will I bring to my relationship?
    • How can I become better for him?
    • Why did my past relationship end?
    • Why do I attract (a certain type of) people to my life?
    • How can I forget my ex and live happily on?
    • Am I intuitive in love relationships?
    • How to attract a quality resource partner?
    • How to help each other develop in relationships?
    • How will my life change if I get married?
    • How are my beliefs in love holding me back from my relationship progress?
    • What do I need to work on to enter into a new relationship?
    • How can I open my heart again after negative experiences in the past?
    • How do I know if my relationship is toxic?
    • How do I end my current relationship properly?
  • What questions to ask about career tarot?
    • Is there anything that prevents me from realizing my full career potential?
    • What should I change to grow in my career?
    • Describe my strengths in my career.
    • What are my career weaknesses?
    • What skills should I use to advance my career?
    • How can I optimally combine career and personal life?
    • What actions have been taken to improve the relationship with a boss or colleague? How do I resolve a customer issue?
    • What do I need to work on to become more independent?
    • How do my beliefs affect my career? Which job is right for me?
    • Have the career beliefs of my community influenced me and my career?
    • Should I invest more in myself?
    • How do I find my ideal job?
    • What is the wrong job for me that makes me unhappy?
    • How do I know if I am in my place in my work
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