What questions to ask on the tarot reading about love?

  • What should I do to find my soul mate?
  • How do I know that I have found my soul mate?
  • Do I have a character trait that will attract love?
  • What can I do to strengthen my relationship with my loved one and take it to the next level?
  • What do I need to overcome to find true love?
  • Is my heart closed? If so, what can I do to open my heart?
  • Am I negatively influencing my relationship?
  • What positive will I bring to my relationship?
  • How can I become better for him?
  • Why did my past relationship end?
  • Why do I attract (a certain type of) people to my life?
  • How can I forget my ex and live happily on?
  • Am I intuitive in love relationships?
  • How to attract a quality resource partner?
  • How to help each other develop in relationships?
  • How will my life change if I get married?
  • How are my beliefs in love holding me back from my relationship progress?
  • What do I need to work on to enter into a new relationship?
  • How can I open my heart again after negative experiences in the past?
  • How do I know if my relationship is toxic?
  • How do I end my current relationship properly?
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