What questions to ask about career tarot?

Is there anything that prevents me from realizing my full career potential? What should I change to grow in my career? Describe my strengths in my career. What are my career weaknesses? What skills should I use to advance my career? How can I optimally combine career and personal life? What actions have been taken […]

What questions to ask during tarot reading?

A Tarot reading session is your connection with the universal flow of information. Remember that what we send into space is what we get in return. So instead of asking when will I die? Will my boyfriend leave me? Better to send the right message and get the right answer for your spiritual growth. For […]

Do you adhere to a code of ethics?

Yes! I strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in my sessions with you. I value the personal and deeply caring relationship that has developed between my clients and me. This is, above all, professional services. I do not establish personal relationships with clients outside of the service. Please note that I […]