What is meditation and why does it matter?

Is meditation a way of communicating with God or a way of self-knowledge?Why should I meditate?

For many centuries, humanity has been on the path to spirituality using various tools, one of which is religion.Someone manages to find God through religion.But what about the one who did not succeed or what about the one for whom religion is not a desirable tool for knowing God?

From my personal experience and from the experience of my students, I have concluded that we are all different and ways of self-discovery and ways of knowing God are different for everyone. I assume that meditation as a way to yourself, meditation as a pathway leading to your true nature, as a way of communicating with your subconscious and getting to another plane of understanding yourself – as your highest self – is one of the ways to find and hear your truth.

Through meditation, your true feelings and motives will be revealed to you. You will understand why you act in this or that way, why you attract certain people or events in your life, and you will be able to get rid of the unwanted consequences of your choices, being fully aware of the causes.

And then your reality will be filled with understanding and awareness. It is easier for a conscious person to find the ownway in life and, of course, the way to God, if you looking for God.

In this way, meditation becomes your path to a new, happy and conscious life.

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